Please inform your doctor or nurse if you experience any of the following:

-Temperature over 100 degrees F.

-Nausea or vomiting not relieved by medication.

-Diarrhea or constipation that lasts longer than 48 hours, or is unrelieved by medication.

-Inability to swallow or mouth sores.

- Any unusual bleeding or increased bruising.

-Pain not relieved by medication, pain that becomes worse, or any new pain.

-Change in ability to walk.

Important things to remember:

-Buy a thermometer and check your temperature if you have any chills, feel  feel warm, or just feel poorly.

-Check with your doctor or nurse about the use of any unprescribed or over-the-counter medication.

-Good nutrition and adequate fluid intake is especially important while you are on treatment.

- Wear comfortable clothing and choose garments that allow easy access when you come for treatment.

-Feel free to ask questions anytime.

If you need assistance:

Help is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can reach someone weekdays, evenings, weekends and holidays by calling:  (805) 485-8709

When our office is closed, our answering service will take your name and telephone number, then notify the on-call doctor who will contact you.

PHONE (805) 485-8709

FAX (805-485-5521

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